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Gospel Singer/ Songwriter/ Missionary - Tonia believes that gospel music should touch the heart and makes one consider their relationship with Christ. She feels a true Psalmist Missionary should be willing to cross all borders to make sure that the gospel is spread in song to all people of every race and every nation. This is her Proclamation:


● Are you searching for something to fill a void in you your life?
● Do you feel like no one loves you?
● Are you constantly feeling like you don't know your purpose in life?
● Do you feel like your friends and family don't understand you?
● Are you in a crowded place, but all alone?
● Do you have addictions that cannot be broken?
● Are you feeling guilty about your past and/or present?
● Do you come from a broken home or do you have a home?
● Are you in a state of grief?
● Do you feel stressed out?
● Are you financially burdened?
● Do you want an unconditional love?
● Are you constantly disappointing your spouse, parents, friends, or yourself?
● Is there a family member that you are praying will find Christ?
● Do you feel ashamed of the way that you look and present yourself?

Don't be ashamed. God can make you over. There is a way out. God saved me and now I am free. He changed my life. He saved my soul. I'm never alone again. Come and meet my Friend, Jesus. He will never leave you alone. I pray that you will forever be blessed.

Your Friend and Sister in Christ,
Missionary Tonia Dillard Cannady